Nick Bell - Guitar/Vocals

It wouldn't really be the Nick Bell Band without Nick Bell, now would it? Lead guitar, and lead vocals; Nick has been the front of the dynamic power trio since 2014. With his soulful, aggressive leads and powerful, raspy vocals; nick has earned the endorsement from world class players like Walter Trout, Buddy Guy, and Mick Box of Uriah Heep.  Nick is quickly getting notoriety as one the hottest young guitarists of the Midwest.


Brian Wakeman - Bass Guitar

Nick and Brian have been together since the very beginning, and the first incarnations of the Nick Bell Band. With a chunky, powerful snap; Brian holds down the bottom end of the High Voltage Blues Rock Machine. Brian's influences include Allen Woody, Berry Oakley, Phil Lesh, and Jack Bruce.


Dave Mills - Drums/backing vocals

Dave Mills is the stick shredding powerhouse behind The Nick Bell Band groove... His diverse and energetic talent behind the kit has earned him a signature drumstick endorsement with Chicago based Scorpion Percussion and Impression Cymbals. In addition to playing with The Nick Bell Band, Dave has performed live with Dan Peters and The West Side Winders, Diver Down, Night Train, Jimmy Nick and Don’t Tell Mama, Delicious Bitch, Valen, Slingshot, and King Size.